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College is a big a step for your  youngster.  Please take a minute to read a letter from our director.

It is our pleasure to have your loved one involved with us at the OU BCM. Sometimes anxiety can emerge as you launch your kids into this new phase of life.


College is a time when students face questions more life shaping than any classroom exam, questions about what career to pursue, who to marry, where to live, etc.  They are starting to determine their own personal priorities and how those should be lived out. Many are trying to figure out what it means to walk with God as an adult.  Like you, I want my children to learn to live, not merely learn how to make a living.  That is where the BCM fits in.


Our drive is to help students develop perspectives and values that honor God and own a sincere personal relationship with Jesus and to live out God's purpose for them in their sphere of influence.  


The BCM is an officially recognized student organization that meets on campus with the focus on reaching students for Christ and developing them into quality people for Jesus. What does that look like at OU? 


  • Paradigm Bible Study is our weekly BCM large group that provides practical teaching and encourages credible community.  

  • Freshman Challenge is our night dedicated to just Freshmen and helping them find purpose a place to belong.  

  • Village Life are smaller groups that meet throughout the week.  Villages help students examine their character and lifestyle in light of God's Word surrounded by a loving group of friends.  

  • Last but not least, we have intentional life-on-life discipleship relationships with staff and upperclassmen leaders. These relationships focus on helping students understand the Bible, apply it to their daily lives, communicate their faith, build healthy relationships, be effective team members, and grow in character, vision and skills.


Throughout the year we will have retreats, conferences, and other experiences where students can get away, focus on their relationship with God, and build lasting memories with friends.  


BCM is not a church, but we do work hard at undergirding the ministry of local churches by connecting students and promoting serving in the local church. 


Like you, we desire for your child to become all that they can be.  May God bless you in your parenting responsibilities and thanks again for the privilege of working with your son or daughter.



In Christ,


Shane & Kathleen Kammerer


Dear Parents and Family,

We are focused on declaring the Gospel, developing quality disciples and deploying  reproducing laborers for the harvest.

(405) 321-2810     1203 Elm Ave Norman, OK 73072

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