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Reach Freshmen

God has used the BCM to sow gospel seeds at OU for 97 years, and we are thankful for how God has moved year after year to help students know, love and glorify God. 

Like every fall, we spend a prodigious amount of time, money, and effort at meeting new students. We believe that to reach the campus we must reach freshmen. At OU, over 90% of freshmen live within 100 yards of the BCM building. 

A new student at college provides one of the most strategic gospel opportunities! 

The first 6 weeks of freshman year are one of the most memorable and life-shaping times people will experience during college. 

You are who you run with. Many students will connect with friends who could influence them toward a path of increased selfishness or insignificant pursuits. Watching students not follow God breaks our hearts, but also motivates us to work hard to help as many students as we can to know, love and glorify God with their lives. 



We are having hundreds of students in our building every week, not just at events, but literally hundreds of people study and drink coffee EVERY DAY in our BCM. We are so very grateful to be a safe haven for isolated students during this time. Our new building has ample space to keep students socially-distanced, but no one could have anticipated the need for as many small seating groups as we have need of, or as much expenditure on cleaning supplies as a global pandemic demands. We desire both to keep our students safe and to continue to accommodate as many students as possible.


Here are three specific and unique things you can help with: 


  1. We need more tables & chairs both inside and outside (covered patio) to provide as much socially-distanced seating as possible.  (Costs to purchase are around $200-500 per item)

  2. We need supplies like disposable masks and cleaning supplies to help negate COVID-19. (Costs have been around $75-100 per week) 

  3. Disinfectant Mobile Fogger: (Cost $500) 




1) Pray for us at the BCM

- Step 1: Join our Alumni Facebook Page

- Step 2: Download our PDF Prayer Guide

- Step 3: Pray and ask God to bless this effort

2) Give toward our "Gift Catalog"

- Pick one or multiple items from the list

- Email with your pledge so that we purchase the item.  See giving steps below

3) Join our giving society & join the movement!

- Join the movement as a regular donor and give monthly


- Step 1: Donate on our website

- Step 2: Mail a check to the OU BCM at:

1203 Elm Ave, Norman OK 73072

Make memo "Fall Outreach"

Thank you so much for your investment and partnership with us! We look forward to celebrating together lives changed by Jesus!

Study Tables & Chairs 

We have 100s of students studying in our building everyday. We would like to offer more space to spread out. To do this we would like to add durable and attractive tables and chairs. 

$200-600 (EST. PER ITEM)

Disinfectant Fogger 

We are purchasing a electrostatic fogger that disperses disinfectant spray on ALL surfaces. It can be used effectively by one person and is worn like a backpack.



We throw lots of parties-with-a-purpose over the first couple months of school. They include: board game nights, late-night pancakes, video game tournaments, and more! 


Coffee for Outreach

We offer free coffee to any freshman who wants to fill out a contact card and visit our building. We only need to cover the cost of coffee and cups. This has been one of the most successful outreach methods we have ever done! 





As a way to help get our name more well-known on campus, we give away BCM shirts to our leadership students as well as some of the freshmen OR we sell shirts, hoodies and sweat shirts at cost in order to have students wearing our name on campus. 



COVID019 Safety Supplies

We are taking all the necessary precautions to help prevent spreading COVID-19, including stations for sanitization in our building, masks, lots of signage and supplies for extra cleaning. 


$500 (MONTHLY)

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