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We challenge students know, love & glorify God by declaring the gospel, developing quality disciples & deploying trained disciple-makers. 

BSU @ 435 West Boyd (1951-2013)

In 1923,

the Baptist Student Union was formed (now Baptist Collegiate Ministry) at the University of Oklahoma, with the help and commitment of FBC Norman & longtime pastor E.F. "Preacher" Hallock. 

By God's grace BCM is made possible through the generous giving and prayer support of alumni donors and a larger network of Oklahoma Baptists.


In 2019, 

God gave us a new BCM building, and we could not have asked for a better location!  We are located at 1203 Elm Avenue. The new BCM is between the dorms and many of the fraternity and sorority houses.



The new building is a great tool God has given us for ministry to our campus. Though it has been built, there are still many financial needs and unfinished projects. In order for our building to be excellent, inviting, and clean - we need your help. Our desire is that every friend and alumni of the BSU/BCM have a part.  Many of your lives have been deeply impacted by this ministry.  Please prayerfully consider giving financially to this ongoing project, and helping connect us with others who would want to be part of what God is doing at OU.

Help us win and disciple future generations of students.  Please pray and give generously!

Max Barnett, BSU Director Emeritus 1967-2004


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