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OU BCM STAFF | Pray for focus, endurance, provision and protection for staff and their families. Pray for creativity, wisdom and courage in all opportunities. Pray that the staff will verbally share the gospel clearly, that they will connect to God daily and obey God fully. Please pray for God to raise up new faithful staff.

GOD’S PROVISION & GOOD STEWARDSHIP | Please pray that God will provide for our budget and ministry needs at OU and individually for the staff who raise their own support. More that 75% of our general budget comes from generous individuals who have sacrificed to give towards what God is doing at OU. Please pray that we as a staff are great stewards of what God has given us here at OU.

NEW STUDENT RELATIONSHIPS | Reaching freshmen each year is very important. Please pray that we can meet many freshmen, share the gospel clearly with them and train them effectively. We would like to see 60 plus freshmen in personal disciple-making relationships by Spring Break. Please pray that student leaders working with and training freshmen would work hard to connect with these new students and effectively disciple them. 

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT | Pray for more quality student and staff leaders. Pray Matthew 9:38 with us, and ask the Lord of the harvest to send out leaders into the OU harvest. Pray for all of our leaders to understand and live out our vision for evangelism, discipleship and missions. Pray that we effectively develop these leaders in knowledge, skills, character and vision. Please pray that our leaders develop crucial habits of connecting daily with God, obeying God’s word completely, retelling the Gospel and equipping God’s people individually here at OU and for the rest of their lives. 

SALVATIONS & REVIVAL | Pray that students at OU will come to trust in Jesus as Lord. Please pray that we would be faithful to verbally declare the gospel with OU students. Pray that a true repentance would sweep across OU in the hearts and minds of our faculty, staff and student body. Please pray that cultural Christians would see how hollow their lives are without a real relationship with Christ. 

OUBCM BUILDING & HAYSTACK COFFEE | Please pray for our building to be used for the glory of God and His gospel at OU. Pray that the coffee shop continues to be a great neutral third place for students and faculty. Pray that we are wise with how we treat outsiders and how we use the building for ministry and the gospel. Please pray that we find favor with the university and the students as we host events for those far from God and for God’s faithful. Pray that we use the building how God wants it used.

MINISTRY GATHERINGS | Pray that individual discipleship, small groups, large groups and fun events would be helpful in us developing many more quality disciples this year. Pray that these gatherings effectively aid in shaping students, perspectives and values around Jesus. Pray that we effectively share the gospel at our large groups and that our discipleship groups and individual discipleship meet-ups are productive and radiate Christ’s love. 

WISDOM | Please pray for us to have wisdom on how to do ministry in an ever changing college world. Pray for us to know how to plan effectively to better understand, feed, lead and protect the students at OUBCM. Pray that God grants us fresh eyes and steadfast hearts. 

MISSIONS | Please pray that we continue to send students on cross cultural exchanges where we purposefully share the gospel. We have been blessed over the years to send hundreds of students on summer trips, and these trips have been life-changing and impactful. Please pray that we go where God wants us to go and we partner with the field workers that God wants us to help. We want to be able to take stateside and international trips both long and short. Please pray that students will decide they want to go, and please pray that God will provide the finances for students and staff to go on these trips.  

RETREATS & SPRING BREAK | Please pray that our retreats would help us train students to be better disciples and that they would be great community and friendship builders. It is a tradition for us to maximize our time off like Spring Break. We have been going to a Spring Break conference for 50+ years. While we want to keep going and utilizing discipleship conferences with students, we want to do what God wants. Pray that we will be able to continue to go to Glen Eyrie Colorado for Spring Break. Pray that God will provide for those who need the help to pay for it. Pray that we will be able to take 150 students from OU in 2024. Please pray that transportation costs would be affordable, and please pray for the content of the week and the speakers. Pray that God would move in the lives of all who go to these retreats.

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