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Parents & Family

It is our pleasure to have your loved one involved with BCM! OUBCM is a student organization focused on helping students to know, love and glorify God.


Today's world can be full of anxiety, especially as you see your kids go off to College.

College will be a time when our students face questions with more life shaping ramifications than just classroom exams. Students will be confronted with decisions about future career paths, who to marry, where to live and what they will value.  


Like you, I want my children to learn to truly live, and not just learn how to make a living.  

They will be given the chance to see things from a different perspective as they start to determine and own personal values and priorities about for living.


For many this will include them starting to figure out what it means to live a life for Jesus as an adult or not.  


What does that look like at OUBCM? We at OUBCM focus on on activities and relationships that help students connect to God daily, obey God's word fully, retell God's Gospel faithfully and equip God's people intentionally.  


BCM is not a church, however we do serve some great local congregations and we work hard to help students join & serve local churches. 


Like you, we desire for your child to become all that they can be.  May God bless you in your parenting responsibilities and thanks again for the privilege of working with your son or daughter.



In Christ,


Shane & Kathleen Kammerer